Daniel Jackson (There But For the Grace of God reality)

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Daniel Jackson
This character is part of an Alternate reality
Character of Stargate SG-1
Image of the character
A computer picture from Catherine Langford's files
Biographical informations
Birth planet Earth
Death 1997
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political informations
Occupation Linguist,
Ancient Egypt historian
Salutation Doctor
Out of Stargate universe informations
Portrayed by Michael Shanks
First mention "There But For the Grace of God"

Doctor Daniel Jackson was a linguist and an Ancient Egypt historian from an alternate reality. He presumably died in 1997 when a Goa'uld invasion destroyed most of the alternate Earth's cities.


This alternate Jackson was a linguist and an Ancient Egypt historian and was well known because of some radical ideas. Catherine Langford approached him during one of his seminars and offered him a job, yet he refused it, and according to Langford, was "quite rude". She supervised the team who translated the Giza cartouche, using some of Jackson's work. This Jackson didn't see the Stargate, traveled to Egypt, and lived there as of 1997. (SG1: "There But For the Grace of God")

Character's evolution[edit]

"There But For the Grace of God" (1997)[edit]

When Daniel Jackson is trapped in an alternate reality after touching a mirror, he encounters Catherine Langford who was not supposed to be at Stargate Command, but at home with her fiancé Ernest Littlefield. Upset, she explains to him the alternate Jackson's history, much to Jackson's confusion.

Later, Jackson checks his self's files on a computer and discovers that he was living in Egypt. Then he verifies on the world map and states that "he" (his alternate self) must be dead, as the Giza area is red-dotted, meaning bombed by the Goa'uld spaceships.


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