David DiGregorio

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David DiGregorio
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Years active 1984—present
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Occupation in Stargate Stunt player

David DiGregorio is a Producer, Writer, Actor and a one-time Stunt performer. He worked as Stunt player in the 1994 feature film Stargate.

Involvement in the Stargate universe[edit]


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Film and Television
Year Title Function Role Notes
2015 Papa Actor FBI Agent Film, (post-production)
2004 World Poker Tour Producer, Associate Producer TV Series, 13 episodes
1996 Sister, Sister Writer TV Series, 1 episode
1995 Tough and Deadly Actor Gunman Video
1994 Stargate Stunt Player Film
1992 Universal Soldier Actor Trucker Film
1990 Charles in Charge Writer, Teleplayer TV Series, 7 episodes
1988-1989 227 Writer TV Series, 2 episodes
1988 The Facts of Life Writer TV Series, 1 episode
1986 Grange Hill Actor Disc Jockey TV Series, 1 episode
1984 Perfect Strangers Actor First Cop Film


  • Stargate is the unique stunt experience of DiGregorio.
  • Stargate is the second film in which DiGregorio worked with Roland Emmerich.

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Has worked inPapa (2015 Film) +, World Poker Tour (2003 TV Series) +, Sister, Sister (1994 TV Series) +, Tough and Deadly (1995 Video) +, Universal Soldier (1992 Film) +, Charles in Charge (1984 TV Series) +, 227 (1985 TV Series) +, The Facts of Life (1979 TV Series) +, Grange Hill (1978 TV Series) + and Perfect Strangers (1984 Film) +
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ProvDavid DiGregorio +
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