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"The Enemy Within"
A Stargate SG-1 episode
The Enemy Within.jpg
Teal'c facing Major Kawalsky who has been possessed by a Goa'uld.

Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 03
Written by
Brad Wright
Produced by Ron French
Director of photography Peter Woeste
Editing Charles E. Robichaud
Original air date (1997-08-01)  United States: August 1, 1997
Length 42'24"
Guest starring
Episode chronology
"Children of the Gods"  link= "Children of the Gods" "Children of the Gods"
"Emancipation" "Emancipation"  link= "Emancipation"
Episode title image
Meanwhile Stargate Command and military decide of Teal'c's fate, a near mature Goa'uld symbiote is taking Major Kawalsky's body control. The SGC must find a way to remove it without killing the Major.
"The Enemy Within" is the 3rd episode of Stargate SG-1 Season 1.


Story development[edit]

Planets: P1-269 • P3-575 • P3A-577 • P5-833 • P5-9950 • P6-110
Technology: Dialing computer • Stargate
Locations: United States of America



  • Major General Hammond introduces to Colonel O'Neill and Major Kawalsky the possible future destinations for SG-1 and SG-2, calculated by Captain Carter's team; planets P3-575 and P3A-577. Daniel Jackson is also present in the room. According to the General, the two teams will occure concurently. O'Neill and Kawalsky tease each other regarding the choice of who's going where.
  • When General Hammond put things right stating that he's the one who chooses, the Stargate's inner ring starts to spin. Master Sergeant Harriman announces inboud travelers then asks the closing of the Iris. Hammond order to set the defense team and asks Harriman to set the self-destruct countdown to three minutes.
  • When the wormhole is established, many thuds are heared against the iris. Kawalsky refuses to go anywhere as long as the Goa'uld keep their attacks. Daniel thinks that they cannot maintain this indefinitely. When Carter thinks they shoud give up when they realise that their shield is unpenetrable, Kawalsky says that, some part of him would like to let them come in to have the fight they're looking for.
  • The wormhole disengaged, Harriman orders the radiation team to check the Stargate perimeter. O'Neill thinks there are some worse way to come. Daniel asks O'Neill if he doesn't think they're sending people through. O'Neill answers they're would be like bugs on a windshield. The radiation team reports all is clear. Then Hammond orders the defense team to stand by and Harriman to reset the countdown.
  • Suddenly, Kawalsky holds his neck and O'Neill asks what's the matter. Kawalsky says he has a headache and took a fistfull of aspirin with no effect at all. O'Neill orders him to be checked at the infirmary. Kawalsky asks permission to General Hammond. Hammond agrees and tell him he absolutely needs him to take command of the team on P3-575. When Kawalsky leaves, he gives a small friendly fist's hit on O'Neill's belly.
  • When Kawalsky gone, the Stargate activates once again. Hammond put the base on alert and orders Harriman to restart the coundown. Daniel asks Carter if the iris is gonna hold. Carter replies it's pure titanium, less than three micrometers from the event horizon, making the reintegration of the matter impossible. Then O'Neill asks to Carter if the iris is gonna hold. Carter replies that if not, the safe device will detonate, the mountain will vaporise and there will be nothing to worry about. O'Neill ironicaly replies he feels much better.

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  • One doesn't know how much time did exactly passed since the return from Chulak ("Children of the Gods") and the several Goa'uld attempts to invade Earth by the Stargate. It seems to be a short period of time, yet this period seems to be long enough to let the refugies to come back home.
  • The iris which has been installed on the Stargate is made of pure titanium and placed at three micrometers from the event horizon. It won't allow matter to fully reintegrate when getting out of the wormhole and then provoques the instant death of all living beens who dare to pass through a closed iris.
  • Stargate Command has a configurable self-destruct device powerful enough to "vaporize" the whole mountain (according to Samantha Carter's comments), avoiding any intrusion by the Stargate which would be effectively buried.


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