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Template:Fandom The Stargate universe has many fan fiction authors, games, and other media.

Please Note[edit]

Semantic Stargate Wiki is NOT a fan fiction resource or repository. Semantic Stargate Wiki articles contain only official information, which include aired episode content, comments from official sources such as the writers, directors, and production companies of the show, and speculation and information deduced and supported by aired content or official sources. The links provided here are for the convenience of readers and contributors who would appreciate reading or playing in these non-canonical resources. For this reason, contributors to Semantic Stargate Wiki are reminded that any information found in these fan-fiction sites should not be added to canonical articles on the wiki. For more information on what constitutes an "official source" for Stargate Wiki, see the Citation Jihad project page.

Semantic Stargate Wiki guidelines on non-canonical information restrict the creation of fan fiction-related articles. Administrators and other contributors may deem it necessary (as appropriate to wiki policy and guidelines) to redirect, move, or delete fan fiction articles that appear elsewhere in the wiki without notifying the original contributor. If there is a need and relevant consensus for additional fan fiction-related articles, contributors are asked to create these as subarticles of this page. Subarticles must add the {{fandom}} template tag at the top of the page.

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