Horus guard (Stargate II)

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Horus guard
Character of Stargate
Image of the character
Biographical informations
Death 1995 (killed by Jack O'Neill)
Ra's mothership, Abydos
Socio-political informations
Occupation Horus guard
Allegiance Ra
Out of Stargate universe informations
Portrayed by Jerry Gilmore
First appearance Stargate

This Horus guard was part of Ra's personal guard. He has been killed in 1995 by Jack O'Neill who shot him with Anubis' Goa'uld staff weapon.

Character's evolution[edit]

Stargate (1995)[edit]

The Horus guard is part of the team who captured Colonel Jack O'Neill and Doctor Daniel Jackson. Inside Ra's mothership, he retracts his helmet like Ra himself and the other Horus guards. O'Neill strikes Anubis, takes his staff weapon and shoots the Horus guard by a blast.

* — Deceased