Jeffrey A. Okun

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Jeffrey A. Okun
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Biographical informations
Birth name Jeffrey Allan Okun
Birth (1953-02-08) February 8, 1953 (age 66)
Hollywood, California, USA
Nationality American
Professional informations
Years active 1980—present
Stargate universe-related informations
Related film(s)/series Stargate
Occupation in Stargate Visual effects supervisor
Digital effects supervisor

Jeffrey A. Okun (born February 8, 1953) is an American Visual effects supervisor. He worked as Digital and visual effects supervisor in the 1994 featured film Stargate.

Early life[edit]


Personal life[edit]

Involvement in the Stargate universe[edit]

  • Visual and Digital Effects Supervisor (Stargate)



Facts about "Jeffrey A. Okun"
Birth countryUSA +
Birth dateFebruary 8, 1953 +
Digital and visual effects supervisor inStargate (movie) +
FilmStargate (movie) +
Infobox imageOkun, Jeffrey A..jpg +
Month-Day birthFebruary 8 +
NameJeffrey A. Okun +
NationalityAmerican +
ProvJeffrey A. Okun +
Stargate occupationVisual effects supervisor + and Digital effects supervisor +
Year active start1980 +