Nya's mother

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Nya's mother
Character of Stargate SG-1
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Biographical informations
Birth planet Simarka
Race Toughai
Species Human
Informations about family
Marriage Turghan
Child Nya (daughter)
Socio-political informations
Allegiance Turghan
Out of Stargate universe informations
Portrayed by an unknown actress
First appearance "Emancipation"

Nya's mother is one of the many wives of Turghan, chieftain of the Toughai. She is the mother of Nya.

Character's evolution[edit]

"Emancipation" (1997)[edit]

After Carter's trade with Turghan, Nya starts to cry. All clanswomen, including Nya's mother gather around Nya and bring her inside the tent to comfort her.

After Carter's failed escape attempt, Turghan is about to wip Nya's mother because she was responsible for Carter. Carter asks him to spare Nya's mother and strike her instead as "she" was the one who tried to escape.

Later, Nya thanks Carter for taking the defense of her mother.


  • This character has no line in the script

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • Nya's mother's portrayer is considered as unknown. Marilyn Chin is credited as "Clanswoman", yet one doesn't have a picture of her. Therefore, it's not yet possible to determine which character she played in "Emancipation"; Moughal's wife, Nya's mother, or another character.

See also[edit]

  • Turghan, her husband and chieftain
  • Nya, her daughter