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Character of Stargate
Image of the character
Biographical informations
Birth planet Earth
Nationality American
Death 1995
Abydos pyramid
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Socio-political informations
Occupation Military
Rank Airman First Class
Allegiance US Air Force
Out of Stargate universe informations
Portrayed by Steve Giannelli
First appearance Stargate

Porro was an Airman First Class in the US Air Force. He was part of the first Abydos mission team in 1995. He died on Abydos, knocked out by an Horus guard.

Character's evolution[edit]

Stargate (1995)[edit]

After Dr. Daniel Jackson's discovering of the seventh symbol on the Giza coverstone's cartouche. a team, led by Colonel Jack O'Neill, is set up; Porro is part of the team. Just before passing through the Stargate's wormhole, Porro reaches a religious medal and kisses it.

On Abydos, Porro is part of the base camp team. Later, as a sandstorm is rising, Porro and his fellow teammates have to fold back inside the pyramid. There, he ask how it could be hard to get back through the 'gate.

After an unusual noise and a big shaking, the team spread out. Trying to defend themselves against an unknown enemy, Porro sees Reilly knocked out and dragged away. Then he himself is knocked in the head by an object and falls. Porro's body is deposited in the water-filled pit inside Ra's mothership.


  • Porro seemed to be a believer, or at least a supersticious man. He kissed his medal he weared as a necklace before passing through the Stargate.
  • Porro's rank is visible when he kisses his medal.
  • Porro is credited as "Lieutenant" in the ending credits (the same for all O'Neill's team members), yet we can see "Airman First Class" insignas on his fatigues' sleeves.

Behind the scenes[edit]

* — Deceased