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This property shows the common name for a character, excluding all signs used to differenciate homonymous. This property has a String type.

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Abu +Abu  +
Abydos +Abydos  +
Abydos Stargate room +Abydos Stargate room  +
Abydos cartouche chamber +Abydos cartouche chamber  +
Abydos naquadah mine +Abydos naquadah mine  +
Abydos pyramid +Abydos pyramid  +
Michelle Addison +Michelle Addison  +
Alameda Room +Alameda Room  +
Steven Alesch +Steven Alesch  +
Sean Amsing +Sean Amsing  +
Amulet with the Eye of Ra +Amulet with the Eye of Ra  +
Colin Anderson +Colin Anderson  +
Anubis (Horus guard) +Anubis  +
Apophis +Apophis  +
Apophis (Continuum reality) +Apophis  +
Arabic interpreter +Arabic interpreter  +
Chloe Armstrong +Chloe Armstrong  +
Anthony Ashbee +Anthony Ashbee  +
Sayed Badreya +Sayed Badreya  +
Kate Baker +Kate Baker  +
Bauer +Bauer  +
W. Michael Beard +W. Michael Beard  +
Darren Becker +Darren Becker  +
Carson Beckett +Carson Beckett  +
Dax Biagas +Dax Biagas  +
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