Ra's host

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Ra's host
Character of Stargate
Image of the character
Biographical informations
Birth planet Earth
Birth around 8,000 BC
Death 1995 (along with Ra)
Abydos orbit
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Out of Stargate universe informations
Portrayed by Dax Biagas
First appearance Stargate

A young African boy became Ra's host in 8,000 BC. He has been killed along with Ra in 1995.


In 8,000 BC, in North Africa a spacecraft landed near a village of primitives, with lights and thunder. Everybody but a young man ran away. This man approched the ship, and a bright blue light took him. Ra, a dying species known later as Goa'uld, took him as host (Stargate).

Character's evolution[edit]

Stargate (1995)[edit]

Along with Ra, his host is killed by a nuclear explosion aboard Ra's mothership in the Abydos orbit.


* — Deceased