Samantha Carter (2010 reality)

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Samantha Carter
This character is part of an Alternate timeline
Character of Stargate SG-1
Image of the character
Biographical informations
Birth planet Earth
Nationality American
Death 2010
Stargate embarkation terminal
Race Tau'ri
Species Human
Informations about family
Marriage Joe Faxon
Socio-political informations
Salutation Doctor
Rank Colonel
Out of Stargate universe informations
Portrayed by Amanda Tapping
First appearance "2010"

Samantha Carter is an alternate version of Samantha Carter from an alternate timeline.


Sam was married to Joe Faxon in this timeline. Carter was able to reach the rank of Colonel before she retired from the United States Air Force. Carter and Joe were having difficulty conceiving a child, Carter later found out what the Aschen were doing to the Humans on Earth. Carter helped SG-1 to send a message through the Stargate into the past to prevent the extinction of the human race. Carter is killed by Aschen Defense drones and she is able to send the message through the Stargate to the past and the Aschen homeworld is locked out from the dialing computer in the past on orders from General George Hammond. (SG1: "2010")

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"2010" (2010, alternate timeline)[edit]


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