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Below is the Stargate Atlantis list of episodes

Season 1[edit]

 Airing in USAAiring in UKDirected byNb.
Rising, Part 116 July 200412 October 2004Martin Wood01
Rising, Part 216 July 200419 October 2004Martin Wood02
Hide and Seek23 July 200426 October 2004David Warry-Smith03
Thirty Eight Minutes30 July 20042 November 200404
Suspicion6 August 20049 November 200405
Childhood's End13 August 200416 November 2004David Winning06
Underground27 August 200430 November 200408
Home10 September 20047 December 2004Holly Dale09
The Storm17 September 200414 December 2004Martin Wood10
The Defiant One28 January 20054 January 2005Peter DeLuise12
Hot Zone4 February 200511 January 200513
Sanctuary11 February 200518 January 2005James Head14
Before I Sleep18 February 200525 January 2005Andy Mikita15
The Brotherhood25 February 20051 February 2005Martin Wood16
Letters From Pegasus4 March 200515 February 200517
The Gift11 March 200522 February 2005Peter DeLuise18
The Siege, Part 118 March 20051 March 2005Martin Wood19
The Siege, Part 225 March 20058 March 2005Martin Wood20

Season 2[edit]

 Airing in USAAiring in UKDirected byNb.
The Siege, Part 315 July 200519 October 2005Martin Wood01
The Intruder22 July 200526 October 2005Peter DeLuise02
Runner29 July 20052 November 2005Martin Wood03
Duet5 August 20059 November 2005Peter DeLuise04
Condemned12 August 200516 November 2005Peter DeLuise05
Trinity19 August 200523 November 2005Martin Wood06
Instinct26 August 200530 November 2005Andy Mikita07
Conversion9 September 20057 December 200508
The Lost Boys23 September 200521 December 200510
Aurora23 September 200514 December 2005Martin Wood09
The Hive6 January 200611 January 2006Martin Wood11
Epiphany13 January 200618 January 2006Neill Fearnley12
Critical Mass20 January 200625 January 2006Andy Mikita13
The Tower3 February 20068 February 2006Andy Mikita15
The Long Goodbye10 February 200615 February 2006Andy Mikita16
Coup d'Etat17 February 200622 February 2006Martin Wood17
Michael24 February 20061 March 2006Martin Wood18
Allies10 March 200615 March 2006Andy Mikita20

Season 3[edit]

 Airing in USAAiring in UKDirected byNb.
No Man's Land14 July 200618 October 2006Martin Wood01
Misbegotten21 July 200625 October 2006Martin Wood02
Irresistible28 July 20061 November 2006Martin Wood03
Sateda4 August 20068 November 2006Robert C. Cooper04
Progeny11 August 200615 November 2006Andy Mikita05
Common Ground25 August 200629 November 2006William Waring07
McKay and Mrs. Miller8 September 20066 December 2006Martin Wood08
Phantoms15 September 200613 December 2006Martin Wood09
The Return, Part 122 September 200620 December 200610
The Return, Part 213 April 200710 January 200711
Echoes20 April 200717 January 2007William Waring12
Irresponsible27 April 200724 January 2007Martin Wood13
Tao of Rodney4 May 200731 January 2007Martin Wood14
The Game11 May 20077 February 2007William Waring15
The Ark18 May 200714 February 2007Martin Wood16
Submersion8 June 200728 February 2007Brenton Spencer18
First Strike22 June 200714 March 2007Martin Wood20

Season 4[edit]

 Airing in USAAiring in UKDirected byNb.
Adrift28 September 20079 October 2007Martin Wood01
Lifeline5 October 200716 October 2007Martin Wood02
Doppleganger19 October 200730 October 2007Robert C. Cooper04
Travelers26 October 20076 November 2007William Waring05
Tabula Rasa2 November 200713 November 2007Martin Wood06
Missing9 November 200720 November 2007Andy Mikita07
The Seer16 November 200727 November 2007Andy Mikita08
Miller's Crossing30 November 20074 December 2007Andy Mikita09
This Mortal Coil7 December 200711 December 2007William Waring10
Be All My Sins Remember'd4 January 20088 January 2008Andy Mikita11
Spoils of War11 January 200815 January 2008William Waring12
Quarantine18 January 200821 January 2008Martin Wood13
Harmony25 January 200828 January 2008William Waring14
Outcast1 February 20085 February 2008Andy Mikita15
Trio8 February 200812 February 2008Martin Wood16
Midway15 February 200819 February 2008Andy Mikita17
The Kindred, Part 122 February 200826 February 2008Peter F. Woeste18
The Kindred, Part 229 February 20084 March 2008Martin Wood19
The Last Man7 March 200811 March 2008Martin Wood20

Season 5[edit]

 Airing in USAAiring in UKDirected byNb.
Search and Rescue11 July 200819 August 2008Andy Mikita01
The Seed18 July 200826 August 2008William Waring02
Broken Ties25 July 20083 September 200803
The Daedalus Variations1 August 200810 September 2008Andy Mikita04
Ghost in the Machine15 August 200817 September 200805
The Shrine22 August 200824 September 2008Andy Mikita06
Whispers5 September 20081 October 2008William Waring07
The Queen12 September 20087 October 2008Brenton Spencer08
Tracker19 September 200814 October 2008William Waring09
First Contact26 September 200821 October 2008Andy Mikita10
The Lost Tribe10 October 200828 October 2008Andy Mikita11
Outsiders17 October 20084 November 2008William Waring12
Inquisition24 October 200811 November 2008Brenton Spencer13
Remnants14 November 200825 November 2008William Waring15
Brain Storm21 November 20082 December 2008Martin Gero16
Infection5 December 20089 December 2008Andy Mikita17
Identity12 December 200816 December 2008William Waring18
Vegas2 January 20096 January 2009Robert C. Cooper19
Enemy at the Gate9 January 200913 January 2009Andy Mikita20