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Below is the Stargate Universe list of episodes

Season 1[edit]

 Airing in USAAiring in UKDirected byNb.
Air, Part 22 October 20096 October 2009Andy Mikita02
Air, Part 12 October 20096 October 2009Andy Mikita01
Air, Part 39 October 200913 October 2009Andy Mikita03
Darkness16 October 200920 October 2009Peter DeLuise04
Light23 October 200927 October 2009Peter DeLuise05
Water30 October 20093 November 2009William Waring06
Time13 November 200917 November 2009Robert C. Cooper08
Life20 November 200924 November 2009Alex Chapple09
Space2 April 201013 April 2010Andy Mikita11
Divided9 April 201020 April 2010Felix Enriquez Alcalá12
Faith16 April 201027 April 2010William Waring13
Lost30 April 201011 May 2010Rohn Schmidt15
Sabotage7 May 201018 May 2010Peter DeLuise16
Pain14 May 201025 May 2010William Waring17
Subversion21 May 20101 June 2010Alex Chapple18
Incursion, Part 14 June 20108 June 2010Andy Mikita19
Incursion, Part 211 June 201015 June 2010Andy Mikita20

Season 2[edit]

 Airing in USAAiring in UKDirected byNb.
Intervention28 September 20105 October 2010Andy Mikita01
Aftermath5 October 201012 October 2010William Waring02
Awakening12 October 201019 October 2010Andy Mikita03
Pathogen19 October 201026 October 2010Robert Carlyle04
Cloverdale26 October 20102 November 2010Alex Chapple05
Trial and Error2 November 20109 November 2010Andy Mikita06
The Greater Good9 November 201016 November 2010William Waring07
Malice16 November 201023 November 2010Robert C. Cooper08
Visitation23 November 201030 November 2010William Waring09
Resurgence30 November 20107 December 2010William Waring10
Deliverance7 March 201111 April 2011Peter DeLuise11
Twin Destinies14 March 201118 April 2011Peter DeLuise12
Alliances21 March 201125 April 2011Peter DeLuise13
Hope28 March 20112 May 2011William Waring14
Seizure4 April 20119 May 2011Helen Shaver15
Epilogue25 April 201130 May 2011Alex Chapple18
Blockade2 May 20116 June 2011Andy Mikita19
Gauntlet9 May 201113 June 2011Andy Mikita20