The Denver Post

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The Denver Post
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A guard reads an issue of The Denver Post.

Type Newspaper
Place of origin Earth
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First appearance Stargate
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The Denver Post is a newspaper produced in Colorado, USA.


Stargate (1995)[edit]

A guard is reading an issue of The Denver Post inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. When Daniel Jackson comes into the room to take water to make coffee, he notices a picture of Orion on the newspaper. He suddenly grabs the sheet and rushes to the cartouche room. Taking a marker, he draws the connections between the stars and compares the sketch with one of the cartouche's symbols. They match.


  • The title of the newspaper is visible only on the Blu-ray version of the movie, thanks to the high screen resolution. It is blurred on the DVD version because of the lower resolution.
  • The Denver Post is a "real-world" daily newspaper. It has been founded in 1892.


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