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What is cashmere?

Cashmere is a very high End material that is super soft and luxurious feeling. This luxury comes with a hefty price tag, but that is because of its uniqueness. You may just get cashmere by processing the hair of Hircus goat. The Hircus goat is just found in the Himalayas, and Mongolia. The hair is specific to the goat to shield it from the chilly weather in that area. As a matter of fact, the colder the summer season, the more the growth of your hair, making it even more desirable, as it offers a softer warmer feel. Another plus, about cashmere is the longevity of the product. A fantastic quality cashmere product can last a life, if cared for properly.

Why is it so costly?

As mentioned previously, These goats are just found at the Himalayans, and Mongolia. The luxuriously soft material and the warmth adds to the cost. The most crucial reason for the price tag is the process of acquiring and producing the material. One goat develops about 150 grams of cashmere a year. It takes two that much for only one sweater. So you can now understand the cost factor. Nonetheless, it is "oh so worthwhile".

Where can You Purchase a cashmere garment?

There is a company in Italy that sells cashmere t-shirts. Italy is the center of everything Fashionable, and quality made. The Italians do not "skimp" when it comes to cashmere. The Business is called 999 cashmere, they specialize just in Cashmere t-shirts, for men and women. As they only make a few colours, which Are, blue, gray and black. You know You're getting a quality made item, when They simply create a few choices to select from. Do yourself a favor and buy a Lifetime shirt that you're certain to love. See [ see this page].