Anthony Ashbee

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Anthony Ashbee
Biographical informations
Professional informations
Occupation Actor
Years active 1996—2008
Stargate universe-related informations
Related film(s)/series Stargate SG-1
Occupation in Stargate Actor
Character(s) Officer

Anthony Ashbee was an actor. He portrayed an officer in the Stargate SG-1 pilot, "Children of the Gods".

Involvement in the Stargate universe[edit]



Film, Television and Video Games
Year Title Role Notes
2009 Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods - Final Cut Soldier Video
2008 Flashpoint Jay TV series, 1 episode
2007 Savage Planet Joe Alvares TV Movie
2006 The Path to 9/11 WTC Firelighter 2 TV mini-series
2006 The Artists Caine Powers Film
2004 1-800-Missing Kidnapper TV series, 1 episode
2003 Webs Jones TV Movie
2002 My Own Private Oshawa Damian TV Movie
2001 Glitter Maitre d' Film
2000 Power Play TV series, 1 episode
1999 Relic Hunter Zeke TV series, 1 episode
1999 Amazon Ranger 3 TV series, 1 episode
1997 Stargate SG-1 Soldier TV series, 1 episode
1997 Madison Jacques TV series, 1 episode
1996 The X Files Corporal TV series, 1 episode


  • Ashbee's acting career seems to have ended in 2008.


Facts about "Anthony Ashbee"
Ending Credits inEpisode:Children of the Gods +
GenderMale +
Has played inFlashpoint (TV Series) +, Savage Planet (TV Movie) +, The Path to 9/11 (TV Mini-Series) +, The Artists (Film) +, 1-800-Missing (TV Series) +, Webs (TV Movie) +, My Own Private Oshawa (TV Movie) +, Glitter (Film) +, Power Play (TV Series) +, Relic Hunter (TV Series) +, Amazon (TV Series) +, Madison (TV Series) + and The X Files (TV Series) +
NameAnthony Ashbee +
OccupationActor +
ProvAnthony Ashbee +
SeriesStargate SG-1 +
Stargate occupationActor +
Year active end2008 +
Year active start1996 +