Jack Moore

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Jack Moore
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Biographical informations
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Occupation Actor
Years active 1992—present
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Related film(s)/series Stargate
Occupation in Stargate Actor
Character(s) Reilly

Jack Moore is a film and television actor. He has portrayed Reilly in the featured film Stargate.


Moore started acting on Roland Emmerich movie, Universal Soldier (1992, with John Storey) then Stargate (1994). He also played in Love Is a Gun, Independence Day (1996, with Steve Giannelli, John Storey), Godzilla (1998), Left-Overs (2000), The Patriot (with John Storey), Eight Legged Freaks (2002, with John Storey), and Welcome to the Rileys (2010).

On Television, Moore played in The Visitor (1997), Profiler (1998), The Riches (2007), Eagleheart (2011), and Dragon Age: Redemption.

Involvement in the Stargate universe[edit]



Film, Television and Video Games
Year Title Role Notes
2011 Dragon Age: Redemption Dim Laborer TV series
2011 Eagleheart Hot Head TV series, 1 épisode
2011 Street Kings 2: Motor City Sergeant Harrison Clark Vidéo
2010 Welcome to the Rileys Roger Film
2009 Will Sits Alone Funeral Director Short
2007 The Riches Towing Guy TV series, 1 épisode
2007 The Oates' Valor Mr. Oates Short
2006 A New Finish Bing Short
2002 Eight Legged Freaks Amos Film
2002 Clover Bend Clay Film
2001 Joy Ride Hotwire Consultant Film
2000 The Patriot Curly Film
2000 Left-Overs Buzz #2 Film
1998 Profiler Bob TV series, 1 épisode
1998 Godzilla Leonard Film
1998 Target Earth Remo, Emmett's Gang TV movie
1997 The Visitor Soldier #1 TV series, 1 épisode
1996 Independence Day Mechanic Film
1994 Love Is a Gun Police Photographer Film
1994 Stargate Reilly Film
1992 Universal Soldier Witzy Film


  • Moore has played in six movies where Roland Emmerich was implied (has director or/and producer).


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